Rudiment Grooves 4 Book Bundle Vol. 1-4 (MP3s Included)

Max Freeman

🥁 Why Do I Need To Learn Rudiments? 🥁

I get this question all the time from students. Rudiments can unlock your freedom and creativity on the drums. When applied properly they allow you to play almost anything you want.

I wrote these books to answer the question above and give drummers great examples of how rudiments can transform their playing.

🥁 What Is In The Books? 🥁

In each book, you'll find 50 different rudiment grooves, each with its own drum fill. That means you'll get to learn and play 200 grooves and 200 fills across the series!

Plus, every groove and fill comes with its own MP3 audio file. So you can listen, learn and drum along.

But before you start, don't forget to warm up! These books include 41 pages of warm-up exercises to help you get the hang of the rudiments and build up your chops.

Want to learn more? I've included a "Rudiment Dictionary" and a few excerpts from "The BIG Drum Book" on: the ergonomics of drumming, a guide on accents and taps/ghost notes, an introduction to flams, and a comprehensive explanation on how to read and interpret double strokes and diddles.

🥁 What Rudiments Are Covered? 🥁

  • Single Stroke
  • Double Stroke
  • Inverted double stroke
  • Paradiddle
  • Inverted Paradiddle
  • Double Paradiddle
  • Drag Paradiddle
  • Paradiddle-diddle
  • Puh Duh Duh
  • Herta
  • Ratamacue
  • Flam taps
  • Flam Accent
  • Swiss Army Triplets
  • Flam Paradiddle
  • Flammed Mill

🥁 Who Is This Book For? 🥁

These books are more suited for intermediate drummers and teachers who want to give great examples to their students on how to use rudiments in their playing.

If you're an absolute beginner this book bundle is probably not for you. Instead check out "The BIG Drum Book" which is the exact same curriculum I use with all of my students to get them from no knowledge at all, to being a solid intermediate drummers who can understand almost anything I throw at them.

🥁 There's More!? 🥁

For each groove and fill in the books, there's a video on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. That's 200 videos where you can watch me play the different examples from the book. Just look up @maxfreemanmusic on your preferred platform. Each "Rudiment Groove" video will have a reference number that corresponds with the examples in the books.

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Rudiment Exercises
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Rudiment Grooves 4 Book Bundle Vol. 1-4 (MP3s Included)

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